letras de jagged edge – promise

por favor espere um momento...

[1] – nothing is promised to me and you
so why will we let this thing go
baby i promise that i’ll stay true
don’t let n-body say it ain’t so
and baby i promise
that i will never leave
that everything will be alright, i
i promise these things to you
girl just believe
i promise

should of known the things you said been right
forever is such a very long time
we never even had a fight
don’t let no one change your mind
cause they don’t know how much i care
they don’t know the things we share unless they’re here babe
but since they’re not
how can they say i’m not true, oh, oh, oh

[2] – if you need a love, i got the love that you need
ain’t no way they can take that from me
and i pray to god that one day they will see

[repeat 1]

when i think of all the times i said
that i will see you another day
baby nothing’s gonna change, yes it is
said you mean the world to me
and babygirl i keep you first, yeah
cause that’s the kind of love you deserve
and to know i got a love if you need a love, yeah

[repeat 2]

[repeat 1]

[3] – you’re the only i want in my life
and i promise everything is alright babe
you’re the only i want in my life
i promise, promise, promise you baby

[repeat 3 till end]

- letras de jagged edge

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