jag panzer – spectres of the past

por favor espere um momento...

[broderick / conklin]

banquo is gone, his soul i feel
my eyes are closed his words are real

so much to ponder, so much has changed
not long ago i was a n-bleman, now i am king
my lady and my guests await me in honor
my thoughts haunt me inside on the path i’ve laid

i shake with fear, his voice i hear
banquo is dead, now he’s in my head

he haunts my night. he haunts my day
leave my mind, my friend; leave my guilt, i pray

leave my lady; excuse our guests for you see i’m mad
rid with guilt i’ve slain my friend, lost the bond we had
i must flee to the witches’ place and give my mind rest
i fear more murder to do; we’ll be put to the test

- letras de jag panzer

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