jack frost – last monday

por favor espere um momento...

[m: the priests, l: harry hoortig]

my ship of love is sinking in the rain
the icy rain
the mast is broken and the sails are torn
torn by nails
the captain’s room is burning bright
and lights the sea
the crew has left the drowning
ship behind
without me

and now i’m drowning with the rats
the wreck goes down and further down
and where no shipbells ever ring
no human’s eye would see my headstone
in the sea

on monday last monday
did you hear my call
catch my fall
on monday last monday
i needed you
more than you could know

why did i leave the harbour walls
of your love
as i could see a storm arise
the wind so rough
i thought my future would be miles away
far from you
and now the fortune i was told
has come true

and now i’m drowing in the sea
the troubled water’s killing me
it takes me down and further down
i wish i would have never left you
like a thief

- letras de jack frost

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