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jaci velasquez – we will overcome

por favor espere um momento...

we will overcome

sometimes you’re wead and weary
feels like you’re heart is breaking
n-body close enough to ease you mind
the darkness has you crawing
you wonder if you’ll ever reach the light

but you’ve got to know
that the father is always there by your side

we will overcome heartache and sorrow
we will overcome all the pain in this world
we will rise above the cares of tomorrow

we all get disillusioned with all of life’s confusions
sometimes we simply have to walk by faith

the road may not be easy, byt there is hope and healing
remember help is just a prayer away

so don’t be afraid
he will give us all the strength that we need.

[repeat chorus]

when we struggle through the hard times
there’s a peace that comes from the lord
just remember he is faithful so believe and trust in him more
and don’t be afraid, he will give us all the strength that we need

[repeat chorus]

- letras de jaci velasquez

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