letras de illa j – alien family

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{-j dilla beat playing in the background-}

[frank nitty]
what’s goin on y’all, it’s your boy frank nit’
big shout to illa j
so uhh, got a lil’ tidbit for y’all
maybe you don’t know
uhh, illa j is the, younger sibling
of one of the uhh
greatest, producers of all time by the name of j dilla
and uhh, y’know dilla was a good close friend of mine
and uhh, y’know, john get it natural, i’ll say that
but i’ll also say that uhh
for years and years, i used to tell my man dilla
that he was uhh, an extraterrestrial, if you will
from uhh some foreign place
not of this earth, you understand? an alien~!
and for all those that know dilla
up close and personal know, that uhh
dilla had a thing for aliens, for whatever reason
he had alien dolls, pillows, lil’ t-shirts like crazyness
so, your ma.. your man frank nit’ believe that
umm, young dilla was a alien
that’s where the music came from
and you know, i got facts
you don’t know the facts i’ma tell ’em to you
first off, his whole family, well the immediate family
uhh, momma yancey, uhh, daddy dewitt
martha and of course young illa j, and dilla
they all look alike, they all look like dewitt
they all look like they dad
all five of ’em can sing
and like, what family do you know where everybody in the family sing?
everybody! not like one person, everybody!
everybody make beats, everybody uhh, play instruments
it’s like they the jackson 5, from mars
now~! bein that illa j is of this family
would make him some form of some crazy–ss alien as well!
so illa j… like i’ma tell you like i told your brother
man you can peel the suit back
show frank the alien face, it’s cool!
we down, we fam!
so illa just you know, pull out the alien rhymes and k!ll ’em right now

- letras de illa j

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