if all else fails – the institution

por favor espere um momento...

that unheard call those narrow walls
walked a man who knew his fate yet would not show it on
his face
stiff upper lip his final trip would not give
til’ unconsciously his past of fun had sold his life away
i will show you what you need to live
though you’re not here i am strong people live their
lives so carefree
never knowing til’ it’s gone
…all of you
that acute smell
he knew it well
the reek of an inst-tution filled with sterile
i walked right in unknowing grin
not returned for the simple fact in the future he would
not be able to see me
i…won’t let him die, in me he’ll be alive
i…can’t see this through, how much of this can ever be
i…won’t live this way, here i’ll stay
i…can hardly see, without him, for him i’ll strive to

- letras de if all else fails

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