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hopsin – slurpin

por favor espere um momento...


i don’t like girls who always in the lime light
i don’t like girls who think i rhyme tight
i don’t like girls who trying to be in my life
f-ck that, let me tell you the kind of girls that i like
i like girls who like slurpin “slurpin”
i like girls who like slurpin “slurpin”
i like the ones that like slurpin “slurpin”
cuz i like girls who like slurpin “slurpin”

[verse 1:]
work it when you slurp it, make sure that you jerk it and swallow it and then burp it, once it has been inserted
maybe i will give you a pat on the back if it is worth it “thanks” stick this sword inside your mouth like it was a circus
i wanna slurpee and sticky when you get jiggy with licking me physically it will be like a paradise “dise”
while you doing that you can put my scr-t-m inside of your palm and maybe play with them like their a pair of dice “dice”
that’ll be nice to have every night i’m sure that i’d be walking around with a happier life
girl come over here snack on my pipe “but i want chicken” b-tch beef stick is what you’re having aight
now shut up so don’t be trying to bite it open your mouth and let me slide it inside it put don’t be trying to bite it
or we’ll be fighting tonight and then you’ll be crying and trying to call the [?] sirens and i’ll just say that you lying ha


[verse 2:]
slurp it like you about to finish a soda and keep on doing it through out the night until it is over
just don’t shake it up a lot or else the fizz will get on ya. here, my soda is so delicious isn’t it sonya
oh yes it is, a matter of fact, you can have the rest of it. let your lips just caress it and rest against it it’s heaven biotch
and you can keep your mouth open 24 hours 7 days out the week like your -ss was 7/11 biotch
my sh-t is alright full of caffeine keep you up all night. make your life all bright
don’t know what you heard, sh-t. you feeling thirty cuz you can get first dibs cuz baby girl you deserve this
more than anyone slurp it soon as your henny’s done when your done you can try some of the little homies when he comes
just sip it up like he don’t give a f-ck don’t be giving up then i will zip it up. when you want more you can hit me up


[verse 3:]
just like clinton does, sure that every n-gg- does. she don’t want to do it then give her something to get her buzzed
now it’s on, “hey can i try some,” h-ll nah, that’s how these n-gg-s get pounded on
homie, only for women who love sippin and lickin and ticklin and gigglin up here [?] that’s not for boys man
and don’t be stepping to be or you will definitely be resting in peace if your swinging that way, i ain’t your boyfriend
girls, you ain’t got to get all greedy with each other trying to throw it down, cuz there is enough slurpee to go around
got brains? use them, i got enough to give you some, you some, you some, you some
i hope i didn’t leave anyone out and if i did put here stick this straw end up in your mouth
it’s so tasty baby isn’t it, i don’t see how any women out there could get sick of it


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