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hinder – everybody’s wrong

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“everybody’s wrong”

sittin’ here with an empty bottle
down to my last cigarette
no missed calls on alcohol
i guess i saw that i got left
know i saw what did to me this time
and a million times before
i look like a devil’s child
you’re the one who slammed the door

everybody thinks they know me
you’re the saint and i’m the phony
but you’re the one who faked it all along
everybody sees you cryin’
lyin’ lookin’ like you’re dyin’
everybody knows what’s goin’ on
but everybody’s wrong

ain’t i the kind of guy your momma told you not to hang around
sure enough, you know who’s gonna break your heart and bring you down
but she never saw you out at midnight
actin’ like you own the bar
to me you ain’t no angel’s child
i know who you are


about the one who needs
to let it out and just come clean
i’ve lost it all but i can’t be
your loser anymore


- letras de hinder

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