helheim – black wisdom

por favor espere um momento...

on norwegian earth we stand
sons of the norse tribe
proud we stand
with swords and shields in hand
we remember the time
a time forgotten but soon to be reconquered
when the gods ruled
and battles were like the blood in our veins

when we, vikings of norway ruled the cold north
and spread fear with our swords

flames lit the sky then, but not anymore
blood floated in wild rivers
and soon the blood will float again
our might is not gone
we still stand with our ancestors wisdom
black as the night
wise as the king of valhalla

an oath was sworn
sworn to revenge
revenge and hate
our hate we will give them

the pagan reunion awaits
reach for your sword, reach for your axe
winds become storms days turn to nights
the time for revenge has arrived
slaughter them whom once slaughtered
our crusade of death marches on

the crown of th-rns will fall
hard to the ground
once a nomans king
will descend from his throne
he shall vanish
vanish forever
vikings will enter with swords in blood
to crush the throne
and release our ancestors
the pagan gods
who in black wisdom
once ruled
and now will rule again

- letras de helheim

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