hatebomb – deadly pledge

por favor espere um momento...

you want a fast relief?
or escape from all the grief?
it has been there for ages.
but now it’s putting men in cages.

some will fix your mood,
some will make you lewd.
but since there’s a man involved
it’s all made to be sold.

every day living in theft.
with few friends you have left.
wonder why you’re left behind?
wake up! stop being blind!

what is natural is not enough,
seems like you need something tough.
doesn’t matter powder or a pill
what you need is a brain drill.

if you’re high is not enough.
what? you’re tired of that laugh?
just raise your hand and test your luck.
from a single time you won’t be f-cked.

inject the poison in your body,
a product of a bas-m-nt lab.
don’t tell me that you’re sorry.
just stay away with that cr-p.

- letras de hatebomb

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