gwar – techno’s song

por favor espere um momento...

now that the cosmic control tape is in my grasp, this band will play
anything i want perfectly the first time through…
and you know while i was sitting on the toilet the other day i wrote
this ditty and i though you guys, like, might like to play it for me,
cause i am techno destructo and i can out-fight, out-f-ck, and out-fart
any of you lame–ss motherf-ckin’ rock stars… cause i am techno
destructo, and i come from beyond venus, beyond jupiter, and that’s
way past ur-n-s, buddy. and i come from here with a mission…
give up the decadent rock and roll lifestyle and join me and the master
in a holy jihad to rid the universe of his deadly enemies.

gwar will serve the master… or gwar will die!

i’m the walking nightmare with the microchip brain
a megaton bufferin to forever end your pain
when it comes to taking life i’m the cosmic leach
i’ll make world war iii seem like sunday at the beach!

good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the m-ssive pukeoplex
organized death arena, where tonight we’ve got that intergalactic potato
masher techno destructo facing off against oderus urungus and irish
kid in a no holds barred… woah! they haven’t even shaken hands and
oderus has been pounded in the nuts with a marshall stack… what’s techno
doing? he’s breaking open his skull! he’s. he’s… he’s making a meal
out of oderus’s brain!

i can’t comprehend on how you get your thrills
dicing up worms and making love to roadkill
the decadence of you lives was just as clear as gl-ss
now it’s broken into shards i can shove into your -ss!

- letras de gwar

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