grave digger – the final war

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the story of the final battle between arthur and mordred. in the decisive
struggle between the two men, arthur’s lance pierced mordred’s breast from
beneath him, and mordred stabbed arthur in his breast with his sword.
mordred died and percival brought the mortally wounded arthur to safety.

finally their time has come
face to face on the battlefield
the king’s here to judge the deceiver
open wounds, no riot shield
the seed of hate is bearing fruit
grapes of wrath of evil root

blood against blood
black against white
dark hanging clouds
time’s running out
blood against blood
mingeling stream
fate will decide
who has die

war was their life
traces of pain
all for the reign
the final war

spirit of life
fading away
the final day
the final war

the final war

the king stabs the deceiver
his blood drips down the spear
warning all the power-hungry
the last thing he could do
with morgane crossing the sea
in avalon he may find his peace

- letras de grave digger

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