glenn frey – this way to happiness

por favor espere um momento...

way outta town on some midnight highway
headed nowhere, was just drivin’ by myself
the night was cold, the wind was blowin’
me, i felt like i was someone else
i was achin’, i was alone
no destination, so far away from home
suddenly i find myself callin’ to the heavens above,
“please send me someone to love”
which way to happiness? over the mountain
which way to freedom? just across the sea
lord, i been searchin’ for what seems like forever, now
which way to happiness for someone like me?
it seems like i spend my whole life runnin’
runnin’ away from what i couldn’t be
down some endless road just south of nowhere
always movin’ but never really free
i had a dream, i said a prayer
just like the answer, you were standin’ there
the neon sign that was fifteen stories tall
i could hear the angels call
this way to happiness, the train is leavin’
over the mountain, headin’ to sea
highway to freedom is when you start believin’
this way to happiness, you and me
i’ve rolled this rig from coast to coast
i’ve seen alot, i’ve done more than most
i was like a sailor lost at sea
when, like an angel from above, you came down and rescued me

- letras de glenn frey

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