ginuwine – take a chance

por favor espere um momento...

[ginuwine talking]
yo, what’s up sweetheart? how you doing? look, i know your man ain’t been treating you right. but i need
you to give me a chance and i can make it better. you know what i mean? listen…

[verse 1]
you keep telling me how your man just ain’t been treating you right. baby i can see the emotions that
you’re always trying to hide. (all you did is fuss and fight.) everynight. and i’ll tell you he’s no good
for you. but girl i wanna do all the things to you that your man won’t do. cuz i know just what you’re saying.

i know what your saying. i know what your looking for in love. i wont play no games. be your everything.
so take a chance on us baby. i will take your breath away baby. everytime that we make love. baby cant you
see that i will set you free. so take a chance on us it could lead to love.

[ginuwine talking]
look ma. all i wanna do is just be withchu. can that happen?

[verse 2]
girl i know that he hasn’t been the man to show you true love. so lets forget about the past and let me
start to be the man that you’ve been dreaming of. i dont wanna fuss. i dont wanna fight. let me show you
that i can make it right. so take a chance on us. cuz it could be true love. put it on everything.
everything i love…

[repeat chorus]

girl i’ll love you more. more than you’ve ever dreamed of. more kissing, more hugging, more love, more
quality time. boy, you and i. girl won’t you take a chance on us.

[repeat chorus]
said i know what youre saying. said i know what youre looking for. cuz i love you girl, and i need ya
girl. believe me girl.

[repeat chorus til fades out]

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