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ghostface killah – good

por favor espere um momento...

(feat. mr. maygreen, trife da god)

[intro: ghostface killah (mr. maygreen)]
aiyo, what up party people (yeah, my name’s on the guest list)
this is the wallabee kingpin in the building (as mr. maygreen… good evening…)
right about now, i’m about to show you how good we are (i’m in the club, i’m)

[chorus: mr. maygreen]
(good), i look so, (good), the car look
(good), i’m in the hood, and i’m okkkkkk
(good), the jewels look, (good), the girls look
(good), they all from around the wayyyyy
(good), hey there, (good), look at you
(good), me, i’m just p-ssing byyyyyyy
(good), look at her, (good), time out
(good), i think i’ll give the game a tryyyyy

[ghostface killah]
aiyo, my rose was good, plus my face was good
the way i wear my jeans up over my boots is hood
and my cash is good, the gr-ss, spread it out, over the hash is good
the grasp who be hypecast is good
that’s the bird that f-cked the game up
cut the head off lames and platinum n-gg-z, your boy done came up
got my aim up, favorite bling with a millennium chains
chilling, in the staircase, surrounded by killings
with bank rolls, bang those, bang your main hoes
you was in love with the p-ssy, it ain’t the same though
cuz i’m good, she’s good, so you should be good
hit her with the stiff one, she callin’ me wood
and we don’t love those hoes, with they flat b-tts caked up
and tipped up toes, need an ill plastic surgeon to fix they nose
cuz they sh-t is too fat like an adidas sole
don’t even touch my gold, i’m good

[hook: mr. maygreen]
i know you heard it a thousand times
not quite like my design
you say that’s what you looking for
gator boots walk through the door, now

[bridge: ghostface killah (mr. maygreen)]
(good) theodore’s good, (good), my team is good
(good) my robes is good, (i’m so good)
(good) my moms is good, (good), my style is good
(good) my queen is good, yeah, come on, (i’m so good)
(good) the days is good, (good), babies is good
(good) wifes is good… uh-huh
(good) the hood is good, (good), god is good
(good) everything is good, come on, let’s go

[ghostface killah]
goose over ice cubes, p-ss the oj
two light skinned wizzes, want ghost, on both ways
come here, sit on my lap, it’s not a gat, sugar
have a seat, don’t be afraid to move back
feel that? you’se a nasty girl
big b-tt, slim gut, i’ll crash your world
it’s not polite to bend over in starkey face
sheer lace, fat -ss, got want me to taste that
lodi dodi, with a c-ke shaped body
and my jewels hang low like my b-lls in the potty
and i dare ya’ll to try to rob me
theodore u, we got the army
a-town to mariner’s harby
wild west, now born, go hard, g.
killa hill, stapletown, port rich’ kids
pack heat, like i was pulling out biscuits



[trife da god]
when we on the block bubbling rocks, watching for cops
holding glocks in and out of the spots, (it’s all good)
when we overseas, getting that cheese, whipping the hottest v’s
blowin’ exotic trees, playa, (it’s all good)
when i’m in the whip, sunk in the six, drunk off the liqs
pull up, stunting, fronting for chicks, (it’s all good)
when we on stage getting them grammy’s, sn-tching them panties
jetskiing off the sh-r-s of miami, (it’s all good)


[interlude: ghostface killah]
yeah… told ya’ll before, another theodore production
this is how we go in the 06 to 07, come on, come on


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