letras de geography mend$ – just a lesson

por favor espere um momento...

[intro: geography mend$]
teeo is back
it’s the gm

[chorus: devon baldwin]
you think i’m the one, let’s play the game
play the game
play the game
i could hold you, down blow you away
you away
you away
pulling out a gun
taking aim, i’m taking aim (oh, lord, just a lesson learned, ooh)
i won’t let you out, i’m here to stay
here to stay (oh, lord, just a lesson learned)

[verse 1: geography mend$]
had to take a simple second just to process
tables keep on turning, swear to god that it’s some nonsense, cautions
wanna get up off this, get away all sins
feel like victim in 40 mosh pits
not giving a heck about the learning, just the good grades
trying to get into the bag equals 2 ways
call it what you want to, i’m not trying to catch a blue case
why did that just sound a little off?, this ain’t blueface, uh
got a feeling some of it was meant for (meant for)
wee just caught a 90 in the 10’s road (10’s road)
switching circuits, knowing that it wasn’t his though (his though)
tell me, how am i supposed to get this info?
this is the bull cr~p that goes with the music
i just sit there thinking, ‘man, how does she do it?”
we’re still out of answers, there’s too much confusion
feels like it’s about to end up with accusing, abusing
can’t fall short at the moment
spent way too much time not to focus, but do not revoke this
talking to the menace in a sentence
everybody knows he did a bunch of damage, it was difficult to manage
you can’t just talk about it, understand it
cause you’re not the definition of the bandit
breaking all the cannons
causing this corruption, yet, you’re always bluffing
it’s hard to trust them as they walk into the function

- letras de geography mend

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