geoff moore the distance – the fortunate ones

por favor espere um momento...

geoff moore/dale oliver
i timothy 6:17-19
this was a land of glory, a land of the free
a land of unmatched liberty
we are a land obsessed with more than we need
and we label our excess as god’s blessing
our castles stand high on the hills
and we used our share and their shares to build
while the needy wait in the valleys below
lost in the dark of the hills’ shadow
oh, oh, fortunate ones
out of our excess, so much could be done
oh, oh, fortunate ones
from the father to fathers, from the fathers to sons
take it down and p-ss it on, oh, fortunate ones
and now these two roads i see
the road of my wants, the road of my needs
lord, shake this dust of greed from my feet
till i see your face in the least of these
the time has come to make a stand
as we fall on our knees, lord heal our land
repeat chorus

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