geoff moore the distance – i found love

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moore geoff and the distance _ i found love lyrics
from the alb-m foundations

steven van zandt/maria mckee
i john 4: 7_10

well i was minding my business like a good boy should
a little too careful for my own good
it was just like living life in the dark
but then something jumped up and it grabbed my heart
and i found love
i found love
i found real love
i found love
the beginning and end of every wish
is balanced in the center of a vision like this
maybe my emotions are inclined
to surrender to the notion of a glorious kind
on touch, souls speak
the power’s go me and it won’t let me be
it’s too much, this heat
i want to laugh, cry, jump for joy, shout and scream
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
at the end of every tunnel there’s a shining light
in the eye of every storm there’s a quiet night
my joy was hidden in my dreams
i didn’t know that it was there until you set me free
repeat chorus

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