frenzal rhomb – (that’s) just not legal

por favor espere um momento...

i turn on the t.v. as switch off my head
it’s almost like bad fiction i have already read,
well i think i’ll come around and shoot your parents instead.
but then i’d go to gaol and i don’t like being cooped up inside.
i may have lost my self-respect but i’ve still got my pride.
i would steal a car but i don’t know how to drive.
the common law that binds us and that keepsus in place
is often misconstrued as a god-awful waste
and it starts to unwind with a kick in the face.
legal. that’s just not.
i would take a cricket bat to a jewellery store
that’s if i had a spine and it was within the law
i would give you the keys to the whole shopping mall.
i would take a cash machine and run down the street
that’s if i had some muscles and was quick on my feet
i’m afraid it’s a fact that i’m inherently weak
and that’s just not legal.
i turn on the t.v. as i switch of my head
i wonder should i go out or just rot here in bed
or i could burn down a school just to show that i cared
senseless acts of violence are not really my game
i’m much too scared of getting caught or even worse-maimed
and to swim with no arms well it’s just not the same.
that’s just not legal.

- letras de frenzal rhomb

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