frenzal rhomb – hate

por favor espere um momento...

weâ? re cool weâ? re different
and we hate things
yeah we hate things
we hate people

take a stand and we will cut you down
be yourself and weâ? ll call you a liar
be somebody else and weâ? ll set you on fire
keep yourself to yourself and we donâ? t care if you die yeah

donâ? t tell me to look at myself
i know that i donâ? t exist
i am perfect i donâ? t exist
in your stupid human world

before you tell me what you thinkâ? s in my mind
thereâ? s something there that iâ? ve been trying to find
about the day that i woke up to decide
the world is ugly and i want to be blind

take a minute to think whatâ? s right
youâ? ll be up until the end of the night
best forget that peoplesâ? problems are there
turn on the tv, sit there and stare

just whatâ? s wrong with us is hard to explain
you know itâ? s easier to kill than create
building happiness it seems thereâ? s no time
we spend our days here thinking love is a crime

- letras de frenzal rhomb

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