letras de fenphoenix – crazy

por favor espere um momento...

[verse 1]
crazy, with an ocular vein in my oculus
parked in the park in the rain
but i’m not gonna feign that i got the mercedes
dropped in my cave, pontiac wave, chump and a slave
talk to the popular boffin
it’s their fault that i’m drawn to these thoughts of the coffin
i’m swamped in the bought, cough, better call – never mind
not with the shot that i got to be king and then say

who’s crazy, yeah?! (x6)

[verse 2]
crazy, tech addicted
so i pay for my tech, then i pay for my physio
scorching nights, but can’t break the call of the ice
gas, f-ck you’re not charging, gimme the sh-t
fight for my freedom, retracing the same roads
facing the day when the base goes
racing the globe, racing the day that i can’t face
when i’m fused to my seat, with my back in a brace pole

who’s crazy, yeah?! (x6)

who is crazy now?!
with our great knowledge
we have destroyed superst-tion
and laid waste to false gods
we see now the world as it truly is
we must derive heaven from earth
it produces your divine nectar

[verse 3]
crazy, i can feel it seeping
no high no more, back to the feeding
creatures, make with the keepsakes
shelving ’em, h-ll with the details
fell for the failure, the sweepside
leap from my body to leave my
left side broken and weak, spine crushed
as the i3 idles, bows, and obeys me
the bit crushed haze that i wake every day and say

who’s crazy?!

- letras de fenphoenix

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