faktion – slip away

por favor espere um momento...

i’ve been inflicted
with this disease
i call you
no surprise

i’ve been misdirected
because i sometimes feel you
i used to be much more
i used to know you

i can’t remember what it’s like
to be somebody else’s reason
i can’t put that away
out of my head

i can’t stop thinking about what it’s like
to be somebody else and see me
and know that they don’t need me
and watch me slip away

i seem less connected
with my dreams
i see you
you take control of me

knowing that i’ve wasted
it all just to feel you
and i will be much more
because i’ve known you

repeat chorus

i don’t like the way you see me
manipulate and try to use me
now you’ve lost, you can’t be near me
you just watch me, just watch me slip away

repeat chorus

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