fabolous – i came for the money

por favor espere um momento...

“i came for the money”

i heard this n-gg- be right here man
up in some b-tch crib up here man on third floor
{“gangsta…”} yeah he come out this building
{“gangsta…”} i’ma warm his -ss up
so this n-gg- playin with the money man, the f-ck?
this n-gg- been duckin me all f-ckin week man
{“gangsta grizzill!”}

[repeat 2x]
i’m waitin on my green like i’m sittin at a red light
yeah the big n-gg- better have my bread right
heard if the head right, n-gg- there e’ry night
saw him outside in the ride, no headlights

(turn the engine down man) got the semi 9 with the red light
he gon’ give me mine, or he dead aight?
it’s a dead night and n-body on the block
(there’s n-body out here and sh-t man)
in the morning john doe body on the block
(leave these n-gg- right here)
i went crazy on the day i got the f-ckin call
this n-gg- and his b-tch shoppin in the f-ckin mall
(what?! the f-ck he doin in that, f-ckin mall?)
i’m blowin up his phone, p-ssy n-gg- duckin calls
(this n-gg- owe me)
spendin my money on his sl-t who suckin b-lls
(i’m killin this n-gg- man!)
heard the n-gg- club poppin bottle after bottle
whatever car he in, that’s what rollo have to follow
can’t wait to walk up, pop him hollow after hollow
p-ss me that sh-t son, now here this n-gg- go

[chorus: repeat 8x]
i came for the money – i ain’t here to play wit y’all

i caught him walkin out the building slow, quickly i draw the toast
shoulda saw his face, looked like he saw a ghost
he kept backin up, i’m tryin to draw him close
he’s sayin “chill! i know what i got for you los'”
“give me a little time, a n-gg- got jammed in jail”
“you know my fam jamel, look like sam casell”
“got an op with like 900 grams a scale”
“on 7-5 north, alabama sale”
i don’t know the n-gg-, don’t give a d-mn as well
you no (negotiator) and i ain’t samuel
i squeeze two then the chamber got jammed with sh-lls (f-ck!)
and they say life is a gamble well
(f-ck this sh-t i’ma kill this n-gg- man)
guess today was his lucky day
he gotta move now, i know where the f-ck he stay
taste his little chicken fried the kentucky way
bet if i flash that, she know where the stash at

that b-tch know where that money at man {“gangsta…”}
that’s what we gon’ do, we gon’ lay on this b-tch
this n-gg- gon’ come through here {“gangsta…”}
that’s it man, this n-gg- playin with the money
{“gangsta grizzill!”}

- letras de fabolous

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