exxplorer – going to hell

por favor espere um momento...

as i lay here in my grave
i feel strange but not alive

don’t hear no sounds
only slashes of the knives

i’m going to h-ll tomorrow
so why care today
no reason to cry, in the future i’ll pay
we’ll meet in the devil’s home
sooner than i know
i’m going to h-ll tomorrow
it’s my time to go

i feel myself going down and down
my souls’ in h-ll, my body’s underground

i’m going to h-ll
i’m going to h-ll
i’m going to h-ll

[repeat chorus]

now satan wants to know
as he calls upon your soul
in the devil’s fire
yes the fire he controls
i know it’s h-ll, there’s so much confusion
i’m in h-ll, or is it an illusion

i know it’s h-ll because of the fire
i cannot stop this burning desire to live


then satan does devour
the minds who die
he says come on down; don’t be shy
i’m here in h-ll – come and join me
he is the devil, with your life he holds the key

come on down and you will be my slave
i will take you from your eternal grave


- letras de exxplorer

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