letras de evoken – walking in the fog

por favor espere um momento...

the river of sorrow of p-ssing
runs in a heart
the time as an executioner
fixes the last day

n-body sheds a tear
on your grave dreams
dance in mournful pageant
they are your eternity
time has stopped in dreams
only rain cries at your grave
wind sobes in words of blasphemous prayer
the sun lost a shine
falls asleep like you

before the chasm of stars imbibes you in
before the last ray of golden dawn goes out
hurry up

you have to find the scaeps of memories
and hide deep in your heart
the fog is coming

death is eternal in eternal dream
you sail away in silence thick like blood
here isn’t day or night
rays of the sun nor stars
only fear cause you are alone

but if a spark of life glows in you
if you have enough power
to call again scarps of this day
which you’ve hide in depths of mind
then you shall build your own world
drifting in fog
in endless abyss
your own dream
shall rock you to sleep
sleep on

sleep on…

- letras de evoken

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