letras de evil dead – parricide

por favor espere um momento...

arguments that start from sibling rivalry,
battered and bruised, his parents beat him nightly,
born with defects deformed and unsightly,
treated like sh-t always taken lightly.
it’s late at night the family is sleeping,
his brother’s the first, wakes up without thinking,
a knife across his throat he’s factaly bleeding,
ripped into shreds, brain fluid’s seeping.

mom and dad died in bed their bodies are burning,
sister’s guts were ripped out; her dog used as stuffing,
with all this fresh meat lying around the parricide starts thinking,
“it’s such a shame to let it rot, i might as well start eating”.

declare me crazy
legally insane
let me out in five years
to do it all again
and take my own life
and become a evil soul
possess the minds of others
and make them kill their own…

insanity disease
my sick decaying mind
i was only made this way
deformed, decrepit, dying
the result of endless years
blood, my sweet, my tears
bred to live on hate
psychopathic mental state
foresee my fate-no pity all hate
elect me to – a foreign state
in 18 years – three sets of 6
the holy land – controlling you.

- letras de evil dead

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