letras de entombed – put off the scent

por favor espere um momento...

(lyrics: h-llid
music: andersson)

are you of the kind
who use to leave yourself

transform into someone else
are you of the kind
who’s got a face on each side
a split personality
whose only truth is lie

you might have been – where i’ve been
you might have seen – just what i’ve seen
but you didn’t go where i went
you were just put off the scent

what would it take for you to realize
that you’re following a fool
you think you’re a part of something
but you are merely a tool

(lead: cederlund lead: h-llid)
(lead: cederlund)

are you of the kind
who can say nothing in a million ways
embellishment will never conquer
the beauty that the ugly truth

- letras de entombed

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