ennui breathes malice – number one in a number two business

por favor espere um momento...

flush away the despair! no! i wear the badge in this
relationship – most sane and greatest f-ck you’ll never,
ever have again! i bear the turmoil through all of it –
c-m stains and the truest love in which i’ll never come
to experience again! but who will? who will? and surely
you know – surely you know the next six inches, cannot
gate and never f-cking will! he only uses you to wet his
tip – and aims to dislocate your hips, that worthless
piece of sh-t! sh-t! hypothetically, what if we –
hypothetically. what if we came to be no! little pig!
little pig! let me in! let me in! little pig! let me in!
greedy little pig, you’ve flushed away what we once had!
surely you know, this next short sentence, won’t sustain
us, but f-cking should; hypothetically – what if we
raised that family? we’ll never know! never know! we will
never f-cking know! i’m number one in a number two
business – but who wants to know?

- letras de ennui breathes malice

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