endwell – living reverie

por favor espere um momento...

cut away ’cause nothing stays
but the ghosts that just won’t seem to leave
stay awake for three days straight
or spend a week beneath my sheets

i’ve compromised my state of being
for this uncompromising weight
i’m building burdens, faith deserted
i don’t know how i ended up this way

but the damage is here to stay
how much longer can i keep pushing life away?

another month, another day
the longer i keep doing this the more i’ll have to pay
another stab, another swing
the world is throwing punches and i can’t keep up the pace

another tour, another state
another f-cking year without a penny to my name
give it up, push it away
i’ve always been a fan of change
but never when that change involves me

i’m not a righteous one, no, i’m not a spoiled son
i gave it all of my guts but i guess that all just ain’t enough
i mourn stability, i’m sick of singing over a dead beat
the high life is coming down and i got nothing left to say

that you would understand anyway, i’m on my own
i’m on my own, i’m on my, on my own
on my own, on my own, on my own, on my own

even if i throw this away
the memory will always haunt me
of the days when the sun was shining
so f-cking bright that it’s light was blinding

now the sun won’t rise again
now the sun won’t rise, my friend
now the sun won”t touch my face
i’ve accepted my fate, i’m dropping out of the race

- letras de endwell

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