letras de emo side project – chad for president

por favor espere um momento...

let me tell you about a story about a man name chad
who had rad adventures up and down the country
and he always knew the way
and how he had this really cool cape that was red,
white, and blue
with stars and stripes and a couple of strippers too
but none of them were naked.
no, none of them were showing naughty parts.
and there was not a one who didn’t know chads name, oh

now chads coming from town to town
lighting things on fire and burning everything down
oh no, it’s chads evil clone.
chads never alone. there’s someone trying to make
people hate chad.
but chad comes around and beats the bad guy down
no, evil never wins
chad finds a way
chads superman you say?
well, of course

chad for president

with chad being the guy who runs the whole place
we’d probably already being living in outer sp-ce with
6 arms and 5 toes
with little green beds having s-x all the time
but you know chad would be mine
and aliens would come around from miles around from
other galaxies and rule our town
but chad would find a way.

chad for president

[george h. w. bush – address to the nation on invasion
of iraq]
“just two hours ago, allied air forces began an attack
on military targets in iraq and kuwait.
these attacks continue as i speak. ground forces are
not engaged.
this conflict started august 2nd when the dictator of
iraq invaded a small and helpless neighbor.
kuwait, a member of the arab league and a member of the
united nations,
was crushed; its people brutalized.
five months ago, saddam hussein started this cruel war
against kuwait.
tonight, the battle has been joined…we will not

chad for president.

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