einherjer – ironbound

por favor espere um momento...

feel the of taste of hate release it’s bitterness
caught up in a place to face the fate
from below taken, trapped and tied in chains
serpent spewing venom from above

the serpent never stop spitting out it’s searing venom
not for a minute, not for a moment
striving not to gasp
striving to surmount the pain
striving not to let the woman
know how much her brief run costs

ironbound – the torture never stops
ironbound – held hard, held in horror
ironbound – the torture never stops
ironbound – through bonds of blood

bound i am with bowels torn from my kin
to bring the torment closer to my eyes
writhing in pain, causing quakes in chains
prepare the fall of all, i call to arms

by my hand come the end and the chaos
at my touch the green leaves withers
hurry to your end
you who ween yourself so strong
i feel a luring l-st
to consume the ones who tamed me once

oath-bound to odin in blood but beware
if in truth i am gut-bound to rocks
know that first and last i am
bringer of death and of doom

- letras de einherjer

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