dievanity – dreams & nightmares

por favor espere um momento...

watching the sky turning into blue
from the black of just before
a touch deep in the dark
a jump into the unknown
loosing the silence, maybe you
may my heart die and reborn
once again bleeding the love inside myself

shadows, clouds make me weak and alone
against all that we touched but
golden tears of long time ago between us

in the night, dreams and nightmares become truth
(and i keep on cryin’)
maybe i’ll find the way to save my soul in time
and i fight against the memories of you
(can you see? i’m tryin’…)

the key is made by fog and smoke
in that restless time of doom
just the silent wish
just the silent cry

that touch of red set in your eyes
it shines of different colours now
lost in this new light
lost in this old sight

creeping shadows die in not yet born sun
and all that i saw disappear now cause
in this end a new start is coming again

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