letras de desultory – before today, beyond tomorrow

por favor espere um momento...

your time means nothing, a journey for the sun.
a change of wind and weather into a different kind.
it’s like you never p-ssed upon this golden plains.
your life was just a flash, i wish i’d remember

the morning breeze threw sand in my face
but i will meet the day with dignity.
i know the secrets buried in this place.
but i can’t remember

i watched your father, i have seen them all.
owe the treasures of our land, i have seen them fall
and now the screams have died into a distant world
a place of joy and pride i still can’t remember

my limbs are carved in stone on the ground
i’m gonna stay awake forever.
i know each move every single sound
but i can’t remember

i’ve seen the centuries slowly p-ss me by
they may have marked my being but by god i’m still alive.
days p-ssed in dust of sand against the crimson horizon.
i feel the touch of our fathers hand, i wish i’d remember

- letras de desultory

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