letras de denver pike – pretty little thing keep talking let’s kill some time

por favor espere um momento...

we hit the open road alone
our fingers frozen to the bone
and you’re stoned, and i know
cause it’s a democratic thing
it don’t discriminate
unlike the place we were before
priding itself on what it ought to be

it’s not that i need a source of constant stimulation
but if you shut up i think i’ll lose my mind
i’m approaching this with a sense of optimistic trepidation
so darling keep talking, let’s k!ll some time

so here we are

you got me wondering how to think
just like matty said all those years before
our poison apple, take a bite
and it’s so chemical but we don’t know
you’re such a pretty little thing
i think we bit off more than we could chew
at every turn we know it might
cutting it close, honey we’re used to it

we hit the target on the mark
the sky erodes until it’s dark
i’ll k!ll the pain, i need you close to me

- letras de denver pike

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