letras de dellbee – so down

por favor espere um momento...

6unlocked n~ggi
see see let me tell you something

i gat n~ggas, i ga
i gat n~ggas who gon shoot for me like, boom
they gon blow you up, they gon fck you up
yes bro they gon f~ck you up for me
like you acting p~rn you know
hehe delly one time. i be so down aint gat no money on
b#%s won’t turn me on. ha, see ah

i wanna be everywhere like a telecom
i be so down ain’t gat no money on
all my n~~~~s started sp~cing b~~~h won’t turn me on
ahn b~~~h won’t turn me on

it is a happy mood
when you get your daily food
n~~~~s grinding all night
but you’ve been sleeping fool
i swear i know n~~~~s who shoot for fun
blow it in the air anytime they see me come
f#%k you up n~~~a yh like you acting p~~n
touching the moon we been touching the sun
ain’t trapping
ain’t trapping for fun
do it for my baby mehn i do it for my son
suck on my d~~k baby make me cum
come with your friends let’s do it three sum
be my asian doll ama be kingvon
rip to the lost pray we live long

am feeling fly baby you know
rest on your chest like a pillow
never playing games like papilo
i gat bad n~~~~s i gat good n~~~~s
i gat crazy b%#s i gat cool b#%s

you be broke sometimes but they think you rich yh
when they ask you they gon think you don’t wanna give them
if you don’t believe me you gon suck on my d~~k then

you gon feel better when you call and i ain’t pick
that’s where you know am sick too
you know i’m general
manniga you gon pick two
send you to the market uh
that’s when am gon check out
am singing sh~t bruh

i roll my dice am cold as ice
tell my stylist xxl i don’t do my size
i like bigger sizes
i love bigger a~~~~s
you know black is 7
i gat n~~~~s who cut with axes
put the money in the ceiling we ain’t pay no taxes uhn
put the money to the ceiling we ain’t pay no taxes

am dellbee uh
i’m not tacky yh
fly to nairobi so cold put on my cacky
b~~~h won’t love me cause aint gat no car key
can’t stop em cause they all life of a party
you know adam & eve right and you heard of samson

riiiiiii riii riii
like a riiiii
like a riiiii riiiii

anything meant for me shall never pass me
i’ve been repeating classes told my dad am passing
ramadan season ain’t joking with my fasting
you gotta keep your phone when we wanna f~~~k
cause i want no casting

riiiiiii riii riii
like a riiiii
like a riiiii riiiii

eh ohn
i gatto tell my story
i gatto tell my part
never forget i showed you love but you broke my heart
so you gon forget all the time we spent throwing pillows
you know ama busy type that’s why i bought you a d~ld~
bought you a diamond ring ouh sh~t cost a kilo
i know i’m not perfect in everything i did too
sometimes i be loving sometimes acting psycho

oh oh oh
she a bad b~~~h
i’ve been tryna teach her

- letras de dellbee

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