letras de deadsy – seagulls (the macroposopus)

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let us pretend love for the day the life we live and you stepping away suppose a useless soul depraves but now suppose the truth’s beyond the grave so all and all we laugh the same tears of how we met upon the river thames pier two hearts of gold just for the while two bards who stroll the endless mile to tame the world again let us keep resisting the end defame your world, pretend let us keep existing so look up the night and follow the sky as i realise the sign where the two points collide we’ll be safer on the line as the heavens decline sp-ce for the time now let the planets align come dear, it’s safe we’ll p-ss the plane so now this sort of lives the chance to change remember when we sailed along the nile? back then you turned your head gave me that smile but through persistence you have tried only all because you stayed and now we’ve p-ssed the nevers nationwide till panc-ssandra leads the way and summer winds the leaves will change and if you feel precocious, love belay we’ll grow potatoes, p-ss the days begin to sift seem the same signal the change here lies the gift i feel the rays drift away as i start to drift only all because you stayed no chance, supposed and rearranged when all the notes we p-ssed you saved but now it’s gone forever, turn the page and through the night time i’ll be staying to tame the world again let us keep existing let us keep resisting the end defame the world, pretend to shame the world, pretend to tame the world again let us keep resisting the end let us keep existing

- letras de deadsy

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