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darius rucker – this

por favor espere um momento...


got a baby girl sleeping in my bedroom
and her mama laughing in my arms
there’s the sound of rain on the rooftop
and the game’s about to start

i don’t really know how i got here
but i’m sure glad that i did
and it’s crazy to think that one little thing
could’ve changed all of it

maybe it didn’t turn out like i planned
maybe that’s why i’m such, such a lucky man

for every stoplight i didn’t make
every chance i did or i didn’t take
all the nights i went too far
all the girls that broke my heart
all the doors that i had to close
all the things i knew but i didn’t know
thank god for all i missed
cause it led me here to

like the girl that i loved in high school
who said she could do better
or that college i wanted to go to
’til i got that letter

all the fights and the tears and the heartache
i thought i’d never get through
and the moment i almost gave up
all lead me here to you

i didn’t understand it way back when
but sitting here right now it all makes perfect sense

[repeat chorus]

how i cried when my mama p-ssed away
but now i’ve got an angel looking out for me today
so nothing’s a mistake

[repeat chorus]

it led me here to

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