letras de damond lockett – ninja (rob mckinny)

por favor espere um momento...

gmf we strong
girl drop that phone
tell your man, you with me now, and he can just stay home (2x)

[verse] (damond lockett)
i fell in love with a asian girl
chased the girl
now f-ck that b-tch
i dont never like to cuss in my songs, by the end of the day i love that sh-t
now lets fast forward to present, where n-ggas can’t never move on
communicating back and forth, yall mouth playing ping pong
yall some f-ggots, fruit cake -ss n-ggas
every time i drop, buzz getting bigger
dont p-ss me off, im a undercover k!ller
hood to the burbs n-gga, im a suburban triller
got a samurai sword, cut your -ss
heard your music, one word, trash
dont need a female, man i got the cash
dont believe me, n-gga see the stash
tokyo, d-mn he strong
tokyo, d-mn he strong
thats what my guy rob, when i slap aa n-gga, took yo girl she was wearing a thong
nerdy thug, i am that
my n-ggas, we jam packed
mid-west i rap that
hypocrites, please fall back
team full of asian women, those my n-ggas
asian girls, they all k!llers
i create art, bob the builder
yall n-ggas suck, just like steelers
please leave me alone, i am loosing my mind
please get out the way, i am trying to grind
original rappers are hard to find
you found me and thats all my time


i’m not a n-gga
i’m a ninja
yall’ is faking, yall pretenders
i dont like sneak dissers
hit you with a dagger, and i hope you remember (2x)

[verse] (beware)
hold on b-tch, look at me, and rewind this sh-t the f-ck back
yeah i rap
never delt with drugs, and i never sold crack
thats how people look at you, when you sag your pants and you rap
but people automatically -ssume, that you stay in the trap
these b-tches out here are kids, why the f-ck are they having kids
voices in the back of my head, like i’m doing chief keef ad-libs
it’s plenty of hoes out here, why the f-ck are you calling dibs
i dont care about the b-tches, i just want them to swallow my kids
rap n-ggas, f-ck them n-ggas
yeah i said, f-ck them n-ggas
i was a little bad -ss boy, tryna build on on to my future
they said they know me, but the old me still ain’t f-cking with ya
the new me got better, still somehow i’m not f-cking with ya
i’m walking tall as f-ck, taller than my n-gga rob truck
dont get a n-gga angry, cause thats when they shooting you out of luck
you keep on telling me what to do, when you realize i dont give a f-ck
i being doing this sh-t since seventh grade, no equipment, i was broke as f-ck
now look at me f-ck n-gga, bars gunning, you better duck
you f-ck




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