letras de damita – no looking back

por favor espere um momento...

mmm ohh ohh

[verse 1:]
i am leavin this place now, letting go with all my fears, saying
good-bye to the memory i hold dear. i can finally breath again, it
it’s a new day fair well past, as i close this chapter i set as
free at last.

i made up mind there’s no turning back the past is
behind there’s no turning back i’m looking forward
not behind i ‘ve made a decision to give you my
life. (whoo) ohha and there’s no looking back and
there’s no lookingg back.

[verse 2:]
every step i take is new, i found
courage to go on, though it’s rough
sometime i still have to be strong (ohhh)
i may have to walk alone, but the one
who lives inside, me is always comfort to


[verse 3:]
i can see the sun coming through the clouds, lift my
heads cause i’m alright now, i can shout about it,
i can laugh about, i can talk about it.

ohhhhh woah ohhhhhhh woah
ohhhh woah says there’s looking back say no ohh
oh oh ohhh wohhhaa i can see my way out yes!
said there no looking back say no looking backkkk yea

- letras de damita

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