letras de damien davis – tango one [the general]

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martin, can you not see the blue’s around you, their comin’ up
fast, their behind you and with all these blues around you, you canott win
you’ve got to loose, their goanna fence you in.
don’t fence me in, don’t fence me in
don’t fence me in.
well, i’m a gangster, a rogue through and through but it’s the system,
tryna break you and me
but i’m bigger and i’m goanna show you all before i fall.
hey coppers leave my daddy alone can’t you see he’s
tryna make his way back home and with joy they cried
as tango one died, died.
martin, you was a winner that’s true to say, media’s mickey mouse sinner to play,
but martin on your very last day
there was h-ll to pay when they must’a had a bluflu day.
martin can you not see the hit man the hit man he’s coming up fast, he’s be
behind you, he’s got a bullet in the barrel and he’s come to
take you down.

- letras de damien davis

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