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cymphonique – war on the dance floor

por favor espere um momento...

war on the dance floor

[verse 1:]
you can run but you cannot hide
i’ma catch you on the other side
are you my friend or my enemy?
close your eyes and tell me what you see!

i’ma beast, are you scared
all the ties don’t prevail,
don’t lie [x2]

the clouds are dark
and the moon is full
there’s a war on the dance floor
are you ready for the fight?

[verse 2:]
push and pull
i’m torn between two sides
doesn’t matter who’s
wrong or right
losing my mind
a bit at a time
feel the rush
and step into the light

[pre-chorus: x2]


there’s something different ’bout the way that i move
don’t recognize it, walking in the shoes
there’s something ’bout the way that i smile
i’m mesmerized by the bright lights,
so lets enjoy the ride!!!!

- letras de cymphonique

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