letras de corrosion of conformity – diry hands empty pockets/already gone

por favor espere um momento...

there’s a righteous fool among the weak
where a fallen man is bittersweet
and with his soul he defecates
into this world we fill with hate
all his lies turn to logic and you’ve got nothing in your pockets
the truth is hard to find when you’ve got survival on your mind
if you promise not to tattle, i’ll bring your son back home from battle
keep you floatin on your feet, so you feel alive but you’re really asleep
you observed it from the start, now your a million miles apart
as we bleed another nation so you can watch your favorite station
now your eyes pop out your sockets with dirty hands and empty pockets

home made deception now a source of pride
you can take all you want old lady
god knows i tried
truth be known it was never shown
run like h-ll comes as no surprise
one day you will see what it feels like to be free
remember me when you’re safe at home
i’m already gone
the man said we gonna do it alone
we gonna give it to?
gonna ?
and give them everything the need
truth be shown, the future stays unknown
give ’em h-ll every single time
one day you will see, when you’re six feet down like me
remember me when you’re safe at home
yes sir, i’m already gone

- letras de corrosion of conformity

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