company b – my right hand man

por favor espere um momento...

let’s go back to 1990; it’s not so far away
where with each misty morning dawns a more exciting day
peace and love are everywhere, defeating hate and greed
thatcher is resigning
germans are uniting
even that mandela fella’s freed;
there’s never been a better time to lead.

here in 1990, australia’s doing well
no child lives in poverty (as far as we can tell)
and all i hear across the land’s a chorus of content
and positive appraisal
and love for bob and hazel
yes, i’m a hit with each const-tuent
and unemployment’s only [cough] percent.

it’s a comfy bl–dy country
comfy and relaxed
not too bl–dy up itself
or too highly taxed
it’s a lovely bl–dy system
that i try to understand
but i don’t really get it
i give much of the credit –
i’m indebted to my right-hand man,
to my right-hand man.

my right-hand man’s a charmer, the smoothest of the smooth
he’s got a nut for every bolt, a tongue for every groove,
a pleasurer as treasurer, creating harmony
on the economic levers
and he loves the true believers
he’s the linchpin in my winning dynasty:
with him around, there’s not much use for me!

… of course, he’s quite peculiar, if that’s for me to say,
a little un-australian in his own endearing way
i take him to the footy, and his eyes aren’t on the ball!
and in his private parlour
he plays the works of mahler
the strangest sound’s cascading down the hall:
it doesn’t sound like billy thorpe at all!

it’s a comfy bl–dy country
‘cos we know what’s in our heart
beer and boots, not wine and suits
cricket – not art!
it’s a lovely bl–dy system
and i’ll lead it while i can
just a bloke and his mates
but if you wanna talk rates
just look for the midnight tan
on my right-hand man.

- letras de company b

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