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colt ford – no trash in my trailer

por favor espere um momento...

[verse 1]
yes i live in a single wide, to get up here it takes a four wheel drive.
got a mean -ss dog whose name is sickem sam.
i got a motor hangin from a tree, a satellite dish and a trampoline.
a sixty-eight red chevelle, been known to raise a little h-ll.
all night, bar fightin some of you all say i ain’t liven right
eat b-tterbeans and fried spam. but i ain’t what you all say i am.

cause there ain`t no trash in my trailer.
though you might find an empty can of beer.
no there ain`t been no trash in my trailer oh no.
since the day i threw you out of here.

[verse 2]
i burn my trash in a drum. sometimes i shoot my gun.
i’m mud boggin, camouflagen, a ball game is what i’m watchen. i work
hard, mow the yard, fish, hunt, knuckle scar, change oil, plow the soil, love a boat country boy.
i wear a suit to church and stuff and daddy’s the one that made me tuff.
he told me son, don’t be ashamed of who you are and our family name.
i’m makin it proud, sayin it loud, doin my thing a country crowd.
i tell you the truth and don’t give a d-mn. but i ain`t what you all say i am.

[chorus x2]

no theres no trailer trash livin here.

it’s pretty d-mn spotless around here now uncle mike ain`t no trash in my trailer.

- letras de colt ford

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