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coheed and cambria – junesong provision

por favor espere um momento...

(acoustic version)

alright you primitive screwheads, listen up.
see this? this…is my boomstick!

good morning, sunshine, awake when the sun hits the sky.
look up the sounds that surround the day you died.
she waits for me outside near a hole in the ground.
in the one way thinking you might get the upper hand.
dear newo ikkin, how’s apollo been treating you?
has he been a good boy since the day i left?
give him my love and a sweet kiss for his head.
cause i won’t be coming home, when you get this i’ll be dead.

norris and larry,
gloria to nowhere.

sir, i think you’d better take my hand
and pray we’ll make this one out alive.
captain, we’ve lost all systems control
then, son, i’ll see you in my sleep.

is it all you’ve shared with them that makes us paranoid?
is it the dream that one day you might be something you’re not?
is it all you’ve shared with them that makes us paranoid?
is it the dreams that make us real?

wrong way, back there.
i’ll stand quiet and shiver.
will miss you and wait for you when we come ( [scream] )

wrong way, right way, bad luck.
you’ve got to be kidding me.

i’ve spent so long sitting down here,
paper cut my heart in half and discard the evidence
when it’s yours, come send me the last half.
dowsed in kerosene
in a torched blazed blood bath.
when boy sets fire, god knows you’ve lost
at a cost that has no price
when you’ve purchased guilt,
stand at attention
and make sure you know
your lines and yourself.

you’d say, “i’ll be home alone again, waiting.”

wait for me alright, i’m still a boy down there
(way down)
when you want to promise me that
(where’s wednesday? where’s wednesday?)

- letras de coheed and cambria

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