cocorosie – here i come

por favor espere um momento...

the worlds rose in the night and prayed
people kissed, kissed and hugged one last time
saying what have we done for two thousand years
the end it has begun

should i let my mind run
for a scr-p of kettle wood
blind, woolen cat, bad bat breath beside me
fuzzy face of pear tree
ghoulish and cartoony
surprise me like a monster,
my brother liked to scare me
a rape in the meadow
a fornicating fellow
a flea on the fur of a sh-ggy old sheep
all tangled up like winter
bramble branch of brown tree
cut the very life of
her blood bank that billows
up from below her
skirt and sunlit blouses
kangaroo mommy
rapunzel and a tomboy
fatherless a heart broke
a hankering, a steak knife
a wallowing a child,
a banquet a hollycaust
a p-ssy wussy willow,
marshmallow, a mantra,
a temper tantric tantrum
a full steam ahead and
watch out here i come

- letras de cocorosie

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