letras de clouds & oceans – survival pt. 2 (fall & rise)

por favor espere um momento...

welcome to the wrong side of life
chemicals have taken over my life
this is war!
suicide is closer than ever
darkness forever
i surrender!
all i see is hate
this life will end.
you told me souls can’t break
but i prove you wrong
cause i fought and i screamed and i thought
no matter how hard it gets
i would make it and survive everything.
but you can’t run away from yourself!

help me
please help me
i am better than this!
there is light!
i found light in myself
i found light
light in myself
in my heart!
i’m so thankful cause i finally found light!
i won’t ever turn back.
i will survive!
never again will i let this go away
cause i found light!

- letras de clouds oceans

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