letras de clo – ridin’ thru yo city

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go, go, gooooo
go, go, woahhhhh [?]
ridin’ through your city, with a glock and it came with a titty
with a chop and you know that imma get him, yeah you know that imma split him
uh, uh, uh, uh, splittin wigs
i been outchea’ in these streets since a kid
talking bout’ some beef, i put some bread on his lid, and that b~tch she told me she gon’ swallow all these kids (look)
and b~tch i’m ridin’ through the city though
.50 tucked, p~ssy say i’m dead then come and get me
i’m in love, with countin’ them hunnids and them fifties
bad b~tch, ass lit, and she got some titties (ayeee)
(look) you say you knowin where i’m at, gang in here, and you know its 4~5 straps
dangerous, the way that we get this sh~t wacked, p~ssy tried to run so we shot him in his back (go, go, goooo)
but b~tch i’m ridin’ through the city though, glock came with a drum, and it look just like a titty though
i be f~ckin hoes, pass them to bro, thought i said “here you go”
i’m on the gas that i smoke, it cost more than your f~cking boat
i have my n~ggas run through them for that f~ckin’ load, n~ggas ain’t know sh~t; they some f~ckin’ hoes
f~ck that b~tch from the back, on her tippy toes, brain so good told that b~tch she get on honor roll. (uh)
b~tch i’m ridin; through your city, with a glock and it came with a titty
all these n~ggas that be hatin’, always give ’em pitty
if it’s up then it’s stuck, b~tch, i said i’m in your city

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