clap your hands say yeah – details of the war

por favor espere um momento...

bl–dy sheets
tenderly she moves me
an opera star
dying hard for love
you say i’m hurt
i will take your word

leather pants
a hundred dollars
buy success
hanging with your fashionable wh-r-s
and i’m a wounded bird
i will take your word

you and tom (you and tom)
to the prom (to the prom)
camel d-ck (camel d-ck)
crucifix (crucifix)
everyone’s the same and on and on
emerging from the football stands
clinging to his broken hand
it’s over i have seen it all before

nakedness (nakedness)
a flying lesson
tattered dress
sunburned chest
you will pay for your excessive charm
with a boy who knows
less than he thinks
drinks up his expensive drinks
be careful with the details of the war

- letras de clap your hands say yeah

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