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chronic future – whatchagonnado mike?

por favor espere um momento...

i’m not a sh-t talker
never been one
step back clear the air son
out with the bad
in with the good
people asking me if i
could should would and i will
fill your brain with memory lane
i’m not insane but not too tame
chronic future there’s game in the name
un deux trios, kicking that raw
flava flav, don’t behave so crazy
that’s what i want to see you doing
stop scr-w-ng around
we’re gonna rock this town
upside down ready? blow!
how the f88k you like me now
formulating my own style
doing it since i was a child
now i’m getting buck wild

because i figure the people
talking sh-t just don’t know
or else they understand but
they’re too d-mn slow
everybody always wants to be accepted
n-body can ever do what everyone
has expected of them
i take your minds with my lyrics
and embezzle them
i take the thoughts you think and
put them in my trust fund
do what you do and i hope you have fun with it
(whatchagonnado mike)
spit lyrics yeah
doing what i want to do
yes i’m coming live and direct from the cf crew
thought you knew everybody has their own niches
so quit talking sh-t little b-tches
what people don’t know is
what makes them afraid
knowledge worth knowing majik guides the way
impossible to know every detail
just ’cause you don’t know doesn’t mean that you
have failed

hip hopping hard rocking nonstopping
keep on stomping keep on dropping science
non compliance to our government
i’m in love with the
sound of the track don’t step back
move on forward step on towards the stage
this is lyrical rage you’re amazed
i effect not like a reject i am in your deck
whether it be tape or cd i’m screaming mc
mike busse in the palce to be yo phoenix az
i am me you are you get that straight 1 but 2
got you stuck on to my style just like the super glue

“not quite sure what the rest says”

- letras de chronic future

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